Cloth Diapering

What is a Modern Cloth Diaper?
Cloth diaper, cloth nappy, reusable nappy, washable diaper - there are a lot of different terms out there but they all mean the same thing: a diaper you can put on your baby that can be used again and again and not sent straight to the landfill after just one use.
Disposable diapers were introduced to the society as a means to find an alternate, convenient option to the original cloth diaper. But most people aren't aware of the number of chemicals and toxic gels that go into manufacturing them. Each baby needs between 5000 to 7000 disposable diapers from birth to potty training; your child alone will contribute close to a ton of toxic waste that will sit in the landfills for centuries. Which is why we're introducing to you, modern cloth diapers that bring in the convenience of disposables while still being safe your baby and the environment!
Bum Print Baby cloth diapers are luxuriously soft & gentle, yet absorbent. They also come with a stay dry layer to ensure that your baby's bottom always remains dry and comfortable. The diapers are made of breathable material and they are leak proof. 


Our Cloth Diaper Set
Each Bum Print Baby Diaper Set comes with a Diaper Shell along with highly absorbent and stay dry feel Inserts. We have curated three different diaper sets which vary based on the combination of inserts that we provide: Daytime set, Nighttime Set and Full time set. The components of the three different Diaper Sets are as follows:
  • Daytime set - Diaper Shell + Basic Insert + Mini Booster 
  • Nighttime set - Diaper Shell + Trunk Insert + Mini Booster
  • Full time set - Diaper Shell + Trunk Insert + Basic Insert + Mini Booster
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